Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday 19th January 09

The morning was very tough and traumatic.

A peaceful lunchtime, Gill went to bed and I waited for the media students to turn up. They were much later than they'd said they would be but I made good use of the time and they arrived just before 2pm, just in time to discuss the next moves and show them the composting ops in the garden and fruit rescue situation.

I collected our youngest at 3 and the students came back again at 4.

We walked down to Country Fresh, me with my bike, they with filming equipment, to see my pick ups there and interview Shirley, who works there when Richard has his days off. During the conversations/chats, one of the students asked whether my coming in to collect recyclables had made her think differently or do anything different in her life, and she said that now, since seeing my dedication to separate recyclables out of the shop waste, she now recycles at home. This is EXACTLY what I want to happen. I am unable to TELL or FORCE others to create less waste, but by just doing what I do, I show others what is possible and then they are possibly more likely to change their ways as they can see it is the right thing to do. What Shirley said made my day. I had no idea that my voluntary actions had been part of a change in Shirley's behaviour, but I am extremely happy that she now bothers to recycle. Just excellent!

I left the students walking up Heslington Road and cycled off with my two sacks of compostables and found branch, to go to Scummerfield to get milk, cheese and pasta.

Gill made cauliflower cheese and macaroni for tea, very good it was too. I left again at 7ish to go down to the York Green Festival meeting at the Friends Meeting House, where Rand had organised a good agenda... which we didn't follow that closely! However, the media students were able to film some of the proceedings, and the 12 or so YGF volunteers were able to decide the date of the next York Green Festival, 6th September, and most of who does what. It was a very successful meeting, well chaired by Randall... flexibly.... and I think everybody who wanted to contribute was enabled to do so.

We finished at 9.30 and some of us went for a drink in Pivo Bar... a jolly occasion and Martin bought me a second pint which was good. Back home just after 11 where Gill was just finishing helping/encouraging our eldest to finish his homework. They'd had a lovely evening, lots of work had been accomplished and my Sister had 'met' him on the interactive computer game and they'd chatted and got on well. Thank goodness this evening was peaceable!

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Simples Devaneios said...

Hi John,

You're welcome; I really like your blog. It's nice to read your family daily "adventures" towards a sustainable and green life.

I'm also aka Madison from "The Story Continues". I added the translation tool like you suggested. I hope it's a good one and that not many things get lost in translation.

I also hope you enjoy and keep following my blogs :)

Big hug from Portugal.