Friday, 16 January 2009

Thursday 15th January 09

For the boys it was a normal morning... I took our youngest to school... he's a brilliant cyclist, very confident on the road, great signaling etc, albeit a bit slow... and our eldest got himself out of the house in good time to walk to school with his friend.

I got back and Gill was getting the house ready for her to leave and go into hospital, and her sister coming to stay. She's only in overnight but still wanted a tidy house and food for the children ready! I did some cooking too, including making a veggie fruit jelly using some frozen loganberries, dried mango strips (which absorbed some moisture, re hydrating) and fresh apple. This proved to be a big success later on in the day, when we had it with dairy-free 'Swedish Glace' ice cream.

Anyway, we got everything ready for Gill to go away overnight, and just before midday, she got a taxi over to the hospital. I did a little bit more tidying up and went to get our little un at 3. When we got home, Gill's sister Linda was already here... it was lovely to see her, having come all the way from Norwich. We three lads were all glad to see her!

I went to the Co-op to get marmalade and bran flakes, and came back to heat up the stew with dumplings and cook some baking potatoes and peas. This eventually went down well!

I had a phone call from some media students who are coming to film next week about my attempts to live a low carbon life. Their results will end up on YouTube as well as help them get their degree.

At 8 I hopped om my bike again and shot off down the cycle track all the way to Haxby Road where Gill was lucky enough to have a room of her own at the Nuffield, although her gall bladder removal was on the NHS. She'd had the op and was very groggy but happy to see me. She'd done a lovely sketch of the Minster out of her window before the operation whilst she was waiting, and kept on making jokes about 'losing her gorm' and such like! What a darling! She had a coffee and a tomato sandwich, and I stayed with her for about an hour.

I picked up some logs on the way home and when in, had a really good chat with Linda who had had a lovely time with the boys.

Later, I did some work on the York in Transition website, uploading info about a meeting next week. I'm slowly getting better at this kind of thing, and am learning a few tricks, shortcuts and codes. Useful stuff, and fun too. Late to bed though...

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