Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday 3rd February 10

I got up quite early and took our youngest to school and then continued sorting out the waste packing crate wood, which has 'arrived' just at he right time, as we've used a lot of the very dry logs and the majority of what we have left are more recently cut. So this very dry stuff will help eke out the logs which are ready to burn now.

Gill went out, to meet her sister in town, and I kept busy outside but had the phone outside too, and received several phone calls. One was a photovoltaic panel installer, who is coming to give us a quote on Monday. This stems from my friend Anna Semlyen, who has had four quotes for pv panels, and posted the two cheapest quotes on facebook yesterday. I hadn't realised that firstly, the price has come down about 50% since I last found out how much it would cost, and secondly, the government grant of £2400 finishes at the end of March, and thirdly, 'feed-in tariffs' start in April. Anna had worked out the costings and pay-back times... and suddenly, photovoltaics look just within our reach, financially.

I got trapped in an email vortex after lunch... and another photovoltaic company responding to my enquiry this morning... they are coming tomorrow. I had two questionnaires to fill in about green festivals, one for a 'United Nations Music and Environment Initiative' and the other from a guy who's doing a dissertation.

Gill rang at 2.45, she was just about to get the bus back from town, so I cycled down to school to pick up our little one. We walked back together, chatting. The class had all signed a petition asking for a longer PE lesson, at the expense of French. Active Democracy at school... great! I wonder what the result will be?

I did some more wooding and got the backlog of logs finished... everything in the front garden (woodyard) is now cut, and there's a large pile of logs to split.

Gill made a quiche for tea, with sliced and stir-fried sprouts with tomato, and a really good potato and sweet potato with cashew nuts and sesame seeds thing. What a wonderful and creative cook!

Later on, I had to do some writing for the forthcoming Earth Centre visit.

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