Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wednesday 10th February 10

An early start and got busy finishing off my blog post from yesterday, which took a long time and I hope is worth it, for people interested in following the process of working out what could be done with The Earth Centre site.

I spent several hours on that, but did get outside in the afternoon (before it snowed!) and dis several layers of compost and a bit of logpile building.

For tea I had the oyster mushrooms that Simon gave me yesterday, with some pasta, and a slice of home-made pizza. Very nice!

I decided not to go to Green Drinks as I was tired and tomorrow I'm working and staying over, so staying in was the better option.

Today's good news is that a Newcastle based Hindu Holy man, Davender Kumar Ghai, won his appeal against Newcastle City Council who had told him that he was not allowed to choose an open-air wood pyre funeral, which is what his religion tells him is the right way to dispose of his mortal remains. The High Court stated that as long as the ceremony happens within 'a building', which could be a courtyard shape, with the centre open to the sunlight, and that the building has planning permission and that all other issues are covered, there shouldn't be anything preventing this.

I approve for two reasons. Firstly, I think that an individual ought to have choice as to how their remains are disposed of, and secondly, using a few hundred kilos of renewable wood to do the deed is FAR better than using 50 to 120 cubic metres of fossil gas.

So, I started a facebook page to celebrate this:!/group.php?v=info&ref=nf&gid=294998179262

I had a nice evening in, answering composting questions and posting my new group to various other pages and groups.

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