Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thursday 18th February 10

Not too early a start, as I was up til 4am last night/this morning watching the Winter Olympics half-pipe snowboarding which I find very exciting and enjoyable. Gill snoozed earlier in the night but when the half pipe was on, she was glued to it too. So getting up at 10am wasn't too bad!

A busy day doing assorted email and facebook things... but also did some chainsawing, went up the road to pick up the last of the packing crate wood and deliver a note to Nadia about the Bee Day event this Saturday.

I was pleased that our eldest and his friend went on the bus together to Clifton Moor Vue, and picked up tickets that we'd bought over the 'net and went to see a film.

The most productive e-things I did were to update the York in Transition facebook page and create an event page for the Dance and Film night on 17th April, and to proof read a newsletter and make some helpful suggestions. I also negotiated a Fiddlesticks booking for a date in May out near Wheldrake. Glad I'm still getting some paid bookings!

I cycled down to Anna's after 9pm and picked up some tickets for the 17th April event and on the way back got another three logs. The front garden cannot remain log-free for long!

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