Thursday, 11 February 2010

Thursday 11th February 10

Up early (8.30am) and got going... breakfast, emails, bit of facebook stuff, bit of sensible simplicity forum stuff (compost toilet advice) and then got dressed and outside, as it's a lovely day, and I've got to leave for Sheffield at about midday.

I got the 12 something from York which went via Leeds and Wakefield to Sheffield... I had my laptop and managed to delete loads of inbox stuff.

Got into Sheffield just before 2pm and Ali and her carer were there... and my job was to be Ali's official PA during her University course. I really enjoyed this, as the class was interesting... about literature from people who migrated, either forced (slaves) or voluntarily, historically and current (refugees) and it was really good. I had to try and remember that I was there to help Ali and wasn't a student!

We went to a Pizza Hut after this and had a cheap deal which was good, but we had a plate of salads with it which meant that we ate too much. But a nice evening.

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