Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday 25th February 10

Gill woke me at 8.30 as I'd asked her to, but I wasn't well still. I came downstairs for breakfast and spent some time on the computer but at about 10 I went back to bed, and after 3 phone call interruptions, I fell asleep and slept til about 3pm, when Gill woke me again. I had a small lunch.

But I didn't get dressed, and stayed in my dressing gown all day. Shocking!

I did a lot of reading and some outgoing emails but generally had a very sedentary day, coughing and feeling poorly.

Glad there was nothing important that I missed today, although I'd have loved to go out and meet up with Helen and friends, as she's got a job out of York and tonight was her leaving do.

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