Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday 14th February 10

Well, a reasonable morning to start with but things deteriorated and after lunch, Gill took both boys to town to buy some Lego, which is one thing which absorbs them completely.

I then had a quiet lunch and did loads of washing up and then got trapped with the Winter Olympics and facebook, and then at 2pm, Gardener's Question Time on Radio 4. Always enjoyable!

As soon as the family came home I went out to start sorting out the conservatory, which has a lot of stuff built up in it. There were lots of potato sacks. There were lots of elastic bands. Lots of drinks cartons (mainly soya milk) which I flattened and put in a potato sack for cycling down to the civic amenity site sometime soon. I took wooden veg trays to the front for recycling into kindling, lots of stuff to the dustbin which is full for the first time I can ever remember, and lots down the garden for composting.

I was really busy for about 3 hours... but the conservatory still looks extremely untidy. Perhaps will do some more tomorrow.

I came in when it was too dark to do any more. Gill had made a rice-based dish which was filling and tasty.

Quite a peaceful evening, watched the exciting Winter Olympics and then Derren Brown who is another great performer.

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