Thursday, 28 June 2007

Weds 27th June 07

As Gill still feeling stiff because of the fall on Sunday, I took the children to school again, and when I got back, went to see if my friend Debbie would do a Green Party leaflet delivery, as the newly elected councillors have done a leaflet thanking the voters of Fishergate ward, and it needs to be delivered. She was able to help out almost immediately, so we got started before 10am, and with the two of us it didn't take long.

Then we walked to St Nicks, I had to deliver a letter from St Paul's Primary School thanking me for my helping out with their healthy living week, and doing a York Rotters talk, and I wanted Catherine our project worker to have this.

Debbie hadn't seen around St Nicks so I gave her a tour, and she was impressed and even enquired about volunteering, and she might go on one of the 'eco-active' days.

She came back for a coffee afterwards and Gill and I had a nice chat with her.

After lunch I waited in for a chap from Yellow Tom dot Com, to talk about advertising, but he rang and said he was stuck in traffic, could he come at 4.30?

So I got on with YGF stuff and then went to get the kids. I shot down to town after, picked ut compostables and was back by 4.20. Max from Yellow Tom was very helpful and offered me a good deal, so I took him up on this.

Gill did tea and I spent most of the evening sorting out YGF stuff, and writing my next Community Care column.

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