Saturday, 16 June 2007

Saturday 16th June 07, Heeley City Farm, Sheffield

Today had a fairly early start as had a train to catch to Sheffield. However before I went, two pieces of post came through the door... a huge phone bill for £200, much bigger than normal (this is the new normal!) caused by over indulgence in dialup blogging and chat... and a cheque from Community Care for the two columns already published and the 8 blogs I've submitted religiously every weekend or soon after. This made up for the phone bill!

Cycled with all my gear in easily transportable form to the station, bought a ticket and got the 09.44 which would arrive in plenty of time to get to Heeley City Farm. There were slight delays as the floods had damaged the signals, but we were only 10 mins late into Sheffers. Met a very pleasent woman (Kate) on the train who was going to a wedding in Derby, and finishing off her home-made wedding card, and she knows Jeremy Clines in York, whom I know as he's a St John's College Chaplain with a keen interest in social justice and sustainability. Apparently he's getting married next week and she'll be going to that on Sat and to the Cyclist's Touring Club rally on the Sunday, where she might very well meet me as I'm working at it! Small World!

I got the 53 bus to Heeley within 2 mins of arriving at the bus interchange, and was soon off at the right stop (helpful locals) and was soon at Heeley City Farm. Jo the Education Officer met me and showed me where I could work, and gave me a quick tour, including the nearby Heeley Festival activities.

My job was to do a half hour of unicycle-about, advertising my circus show and balloon giveaway. My brother Thomas and his wife Kate, with their three little charges were there, as was my Sis Anna and hubby Douglas and his mum, which was really nice. Also delighted to meet again with Lorna, whom I met at the National Railway Museum at a Fiddlesticks gig, and we connected really well then. I told her via email that I'd be here today and she came up from near Burton on Trent in her Mini to see me and have the Heeley City Farm experience!

The gig went well, everything as expected, lots of people liked it, some came by after and said they loved it. Hooray! How satisfying. As the family members had gone home I put all the kit into Lorna's Mini and she took me out into the countryside nearby, and we spent an hour sitting on a recycled plastic bench near Unstone, overlooking a good view and chatting. As Chesterfield was on her way home, she took me there rather than back into Sheffield, and I got a single Chesterfield to Sheffield and a train came within half an hour, got into York shortly before 8pm.

Picked up from Out Of This World before getting home, and had a quiet evening.

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