Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sunday 3rd June 07

A pretty relaxed day today, but productive as I spent much of it sorting out the conservatory and mixing together differend composts to pot up tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, a couple of courgettes, some beans and yams... a good mix of conservatory plants which will give us fresh food fairly soon, as the tomatoes are flowering and the courgettes are forming.

The planting medium I'm using is a mix of loam (seived soil from turves taken out of skips and stacked for a couple of years), seived leafmould and various composted materials, including garden compost made of garden wastes and fruit and veg, also 'humanure' compost made in 2002/03 with my own poo and sawdust, and some commercial planting media made of composted bark and green waste. About half or 2/3 of the weight of the planting medium is composted stuff, rich and nutritious, and the rest is a mix of leafmould which is similar to peat, holds water, and loam which is heavy and has minerals and nutrients.

Before teatime went to the veg shop with some more finished compost which is greatly appreciated by some of the customers, who don't buy it, just make a voluntary donation.

Gill made tea for all of us, nutloaf patties and potatoes and salad. I finished off in the conservatory and came in to relax.

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