Sunday, 24 June 2007

Sunday 24th June 07

A second day at the CTC Rally, I decided to go to the Minster and join the mass cycle from the Minster to the Racecourse, which left at 9.45 after the service for cyclists. There were loads, a throng of different cycles, all sorts, and coulouful too. I enjoyed the ride and when we got to the entrance to the Rally, I got to the front and stopped by the side of the road, and counted them in... there were 600 machines, perhaps 700 people as there were plenty of tandems and multis.
What a sight!

I very soon got going with my workshops and was busy with lots of children and adults wanting to learn the art of unicycling. By 12 I was tired and stopped for lunch, I ate in the cafe marquee and it tipped down. I did more work from about 12.45 til 3.30 when I was truly worn out, so I popped into the mobile police station as they wanted me to give a statement about the stolen unicycle yesterday.

I went to get paid and collected a large bag of coffee grounds from two coffee cars, as I'd asked them to collect it up for my composting. A good day, very social with dozens of people I know stopping by to say hi which was very nice.

On the way home I popped in to see Y but she wasn't in, so I came home via the Hes Rd Veg Emporium and brought back a box full of onion skins and yellowing broccoli...

When I got back, Gill looked like she'd had an argument with a bus... infact she had, when coming back from Pocklington, a lovely day out with the boys, she'd missed her step getting on to the bus and fallen on her nose, scraping all the skin off it and damaging her glasses. There was lots of blood, the boys were very upset but kept it together and when they got back, Gill went next door to our neighbour who is a nurse to have the big flap of skin which was hanging off snipped off. Her face is a mess, but it's only superficial and nothing's severely damaged.

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