Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Monday 4th June 07

As the kids had a lot to take to school this morning I took them with the stuff in the trailer. I asked at the office if the school would like some climbing french beans as I have some spare.

Home and had some phone calls to deal with, re York Green Festival publicity and several Fiddlesticks calls. Went back to bed for a while which was lovely, but I had a paid-for blog to do, so I did some research on the net about organ donation etc and typed in a good-un. Then a late lunch and just a few mins in the garden before I went to collect the boys again. Where does the day go?

I zoomed into town and picked up two sacks of halved oranges at Millers Yard, good to meet Jo the Pilates teacher and then picked up at Out Of This World and Hes Rd veg shop, a full load.

Home and unloaded, Gill had made a good tea with tofu and noodles and then it was nearly time for the LETS AGM at 7.30. However my eldest son had an anger fit and I had to calm him and talk to him about civilised behaviour, so I was late and flustered to the meeting.

David chaired and it was a good meeting, just 9 of us and we'd organised a buffet for 10 so there was loads of food. When I got home I had to undo my trousers I felt so fat and full, not comfortable. Watched some TV with Gill and when she watched ER I came to do my emails and blog, and my friend in the US asked if she could send some piccys, which were most welcome and lovely. This time saved all of them!

Bed at 1ish.

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