Friday, 22 June 2007

Friday 22nd June 07

Took the boys to school, and when got home, Gill was leaving to go to the physio, I spent all of the morning dealing with emails and doing a quick blog entry for yesterday.

I spent much of the day inside, did a load of washing up, twice (not the same stuff, two loads!) and went to school at 3 to pick up just one child as the other was visiting a friend after tea. I bombed down to town then to fill in some forms for York Green Festival and picked up stuff from Out Of This World and the Hes Road greengrocers, and went to Sainsbury's too.

After tea I did a bit of 'planting medium mixing' and potted up peppers and tomatoes.

It was well after 10pm when I came in and did a stint on the computer and watched Glastonbury on the BBC.

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