Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thursday 28th June 07

Another early start and took the boys to school and got back and went to bed for a bit, but had to get on with various paperworky stuff, insurance for the Green Festival, very complicated, but managed to fill in the forms and get them sent back, and paid with my card, so we are insured and I've paid, as we still haven't got a bank account or any money. It's a bit worrying.

Wrote my column on ethical shopping and typed it in and sent it to Community Care. A difficult subject as such a lot to consider.

Got an email saying the risk assessment is due in by Monday, or the event will not happen ! More pressure, but I am experienced at RA's and will do a good one.

Got the kids at 3, and managed an hour doing my composting, turning a heap and planting yet more squashes.

As a cool evening, lit the stove and got a load of washing up water, also chopped up fruit for drying.

Did a lot of reading to prepare for writing the risk assessment.

Made my own tea, out of date soyaburger in a bap, with rescued onion and tomato and a salad of cabbage, apple from the school bin and raw onion, all lovely. After tea went out and picked a load of loganberries, wonderful.

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