Friday, 13 May 2011

Wednesday 11th May 11

A good day as my old friend Glenn came over from Scarborough, mainly to collect some compost worms for his new wormery.  However, his visit coincided with a tour of St Nicks Fields and Environment Centre that my new friend Peter Tatham had booked.  Peter had arranged to come over with a bunch of his colleagues from his gardening project in Bradford, so I suggested to Glenn that he might like to join us.

Before Glenn came I lit the stove as one of our boys needs a bath this evening, and I also had a thrown-away pineapple which needed rescuing, so I sliced that up in the usual way and put it on the rack for drying.  Glenn texted and said he'd be here at 10.30 but that time came and went so I rang St Nicks to ask if he'd gone there instead of here.... which he had.  I bombed down there on my bike and 10 minutes later, Peter and his group arrived.

Ivana led the tour.  We started off with a hot drink in the centre, and we heard the history of the site and how the centre came to be built.  She described the various design features which make the centre use fewer resources than an ordinary building, and some of the activities that happen there.  I learned something new.... the rainwater harvesting system is not providing enough water for the centre.  This is due to a combination of factors.... there are far more people using the centre than originally envisaged, the 1500 litre tank is not big enough, and the roof too small to provide, and crucially, there's been several very dry periods with not enough rain to refill the tank.  So on several occasions, a hose has been used to fill up the tank.  But this isn't a sustainable solution, so a decision has been made to connect the centre to the mains water.  The other news is that when a huge Syccamore tree was pollarded to increase the amount of wind available to the wind turbine, there was a storm and a strong gust damaged a part of the turbine, rendering it useless.  And as it's 10 years old, the repacement part is not 'off the shelf' and is having to be manufactured specially.  What a nuisance!

We then had a walk around the nature reserve.  Glenn is a bird expert and spotted quite a few things including a Whitethroat. At the end of the tour, Glenn drove to our house and I cycled back, and we went for a walk to Tang Hall Lane to collect a prescription and buy bread.

We had lunch and then wandered down the garden to collect the worms I'd collected yesterday.  He gave me some Borlotti beans and I swapped them for some Pea Beans which I'm growing in toilet rolls.

He got off and I did a bit more wood management.

Gill made a tea based on noodles and veg in the wok, I helped a little bit, preparing some of the vegetables.  I then set out for Green Drinks at the Three Legged Mare, which I had to go to as I'm one of the admins for the group and Tom, the other one, wasn't able to go.  I met my old friend Fez or Ferret outside the York Arms and we chatted for a bit.... memories of  his old band the Suicidal Flowers.

However, I had to wait for other Green Drinks people... but no one came for the best part of an hour... but it was good to see folks when they did!

I came home via the cycle path and St Nicks.

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