Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Monday 30th May 11 Poppleton Children's Sports Day

I had a really good start to the day, a phone call from my friend who'd been in crisis last night telling me that things were better this morning.  I was very relieved to hear this.

I got myself slowly ready to go to work.  I left soon after 12 with my full kit, minus feathers which are useless outside.  I cycled through town and up Boroughbridge Road and stopped briefly at Shannons to deliver some WNBR leaflets. Then on to Poppleton for the annual 'do' which is really well organised, the Poppleton Children's Sports Day.  I found one of the organisers and explained that because it was raining, I'd be a bit restricted with my activities, just unicycling and balloon modelling.

I went to see the plant stall first and bought two courgette plants and 3 tomatoes, costing just £2.  Then I quickly went to get changed and immediately got busy, unicycling round at first then walking round and making balloon models for anyone who wanted them.

During the last half hour it stopped raining and I was able to do some devilsticking, but during the day I must have made nearly 100 balloon animals.  I even taught a young magician how to do a basic dog!

I overshot my 4pm 'official finish' time by over half an hour and went to pick up my payment and then got changed, and was home by 5.15.

I had tea and then did a bit more work in the garden, planted two sweetcorn and pulled a load of weeds out in the front, and pruned some encroaching shrubs in the shared alleyway.

So a busy day, hard work in the poor weather but a success anyway.

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