Saturday, 21 May 2011

Friday 20th May 11

A good day.... Woke at 8.30 as Gill was going to the school to help in the shop, so I got up and made sure our eldest was OK, and doing his maths and then reading his book on how to do computer animation.

I did quite a bit on the computer, and had yet more phone calls.... I made a phone call to the person who had sold the helmet camera to my sister, and explained what had happened when I plugged it in yesterday, and then I said I'd like to go through the process with him.  This time it worked perfectly... the red light came on this time, and the blue light blinked, indicating it was charging from my USB port on my laptop.  I messaged Anna to tell her that it seemed to be working.

I also spent quite a bit of time peeling oranges... I'd got a large number from the compostables collection, so I decided to do an experiment.  I dreamed up an orange and banana fruit leather.  The first job was to wash about 30 oranges, tangerines etc, and to peel them.  Then I chopped them up and removed seeds and the worst of the pithy bits.  Later in the evening, I liquidised the orange chunks and strained off the juice, reduced it on the stove to remove some of the water, and added this thickened orange juice to the 10 or so bananas I'd got.  This made a wonderful fruity soup, which I put into two drying trays.

In the afternoon, I worked out how to use it and made a very short film, which I posted to facebook and tagged Anna and thanked her. I look forward to using it whilst cycling... maybe catch some bad drivers!

I got my post.... TWO cheques!  Great!  I went to pick up our little un and on the way I bought two cucumbers and two peppers for the Steiner School Fair, which is tomorrow, and then delivered 5 bags of compost to Owen, put my cheques in, transferred some money to our bank account so I can get train tickets for later in the summer, and then off down to the school.

We had a good cycle home and I then spent a short time chopping up some sticks given to me for kindling... but actually were better for composting.

For tea, had some sweet potato, squash and roast potatoes, baked beans, bit of salad and half a small tin of dolmades, one of my favourite foods.

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