Sunday, 15 May 2011

Saturday 14th May 11

A mostly slow and relaxed day.  I got up at about 9 and had breakfast and went on the computer.  I had no appointments until 6pm.

Sometime before 11am, Mike R rang and asked if he could drop by and pick up his air rifle I asked for on Freecycle last Autumn. In the end, I never got to use it against the squirrels which were destroying my nut crop, as it wasn't really safe to use in the back garden, as stray pellets could end up going into a neighbour's property.  I got my live trap soon after, which is much more controllable.  So he collected it, and brought some unwanted and unused metal plant supports for us.

I planted more seeds... some tromboncino squash, and purple climbing beans, and watered the existing seedlings.  Over lunch I researched several things for David on the internet... battery-operated LED picture lights, and whether his TV is digital or not.

Gill and I cooked tea together.  We made a nutloaf with old bread, peanut butter, thrown away spring onions and red pepper plus a bought onion and mushroom.  I also picked some nettle tops from the garden and chopped those up and put them in.  Moistened with egg and red wine, seasoned with herbs and bouillon, and turned into a greased dish and lined with sesame seeds.  This made a fab meal, the children loved it.

I went to work at 5.30, and took David to The Last Drop Inn where we met Carolyn and Geoff, and we had a good chat and laugh, but the pub was quite noisy for David who has hearing aids.  I took him back home and we sorted out some lighting issues.  I changed a fuse, tested light bulbs.  David has a large collection of incandescent bulbs, but he uses CFLs too, and now, a picture light with LEDs.  I made his tea and got away at 8.20.

Home to a nutloaf and cold pasta salad, and a quiet evening with some washing up, preparing apple for drying, watching some TV with Gill.  

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