Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tuesday 8th September 09

Woken early as school creates a lot of tension in this house... sometimes so much Gill talks about home education. But both boys did get over the morning difficulties and got to school on time.

I had another free day... and made best use of the morning spending time with Gill as this just isn't possible when the boys are around. Between 11 and 12 we both went round to see Maria, and have a coffee and chat. She gave me a bowl full of plums off her very well-laden Victoria Plum tree, and a load of 'Discovery' apples, windfalls. I will dry some of these. Gill wants to make a crumble with the plums.

Home for lunch, after which I got several phone calls, one from the organiser of the Charity Fancy Dress Ball I worked at on Saturday, about David's photos, as she wants a couple to send out with the press release. David is happy to sell them to people who want a happy memory of a fun evening.

Later, I was loading some more fruit and veg material into the CompoSphere and began to roll it, as instructed, and it fell apart. The fixings provided are just not good enough, I'll replace them all with stainless steel bolts. This evening I emailed the manufacturers to give them feedback.

I came in at 6.30 and rushed down a plate of pasta, and then cycled off to the Fulford Social Hall with my laptop, an essential part of the presentation that Peter and I were giving to the Fulford Women's Institute. We used part of the brilliant film A Farm for the Future with Rebecca Hosking who first hit the headlines with her 'Plastic Bag Free Modbury' and now is well known for exploring peak oil, climate change and Permaculture through this BBC documentary.

The talk/film/discussion went well. Good to get the Transition message across to a bunch of people who were NOT 'the usual suspects' (OK, Candy was there, but everyone else was not a regular green-group attendee!) However, afterwards I did chat to one woman, who turned out to be Jane, a Green Party member, but I've only ever met her in a Green Party setting once. Several people were interested in getting speakers into their school or community group, which is good.

Cycled home and did a bit of fruit preparation and the usual writing which you have just read. Oh, and some lively discussions on facebook!

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