Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thursday 3rd September 09 Professor Fiddlesticks Video at Hebden Fringe 2009

When I did the Saturday show at Hebden Bridge Fringe, on 11 July 2009, Doug Lyon filmed me and interviewed me and this is the result, posted to YouTube yesterday. I am extremely happy with the result. Thank you Doug, and Jan Taylor the organiser.

So, I found this during the computer session I had just after lunch. I had two meetings in town in the morning, then a visit to Sainsbury's and Barnitts AND the Anti Gravity shop. On the way back home I popped in to Freshways to pick up compostables. Later in the afternoon I visited Country Fresh.

Gill spent quite a lot of the day cooking a large cake for the fifth birthday party tomorrow of York Rotters. She has been asked to do it in a compost heap shape, similar to one she did before.

This generated quite a bit of washing up and work in the kitchen... and we had a very domestic day. I made a nutloaf for tea which got compliments from the whole family, which was nice. I'm glad my children like my cooking and that they are not too fussy.

The other good thing today is that the wasp nest activity has declined drastically... I think I have won! I'll give it another few days of no activity before I remove the glass dome off the original nest entrance. I think the copious watering with a squirt of biodegradable detergent in the watering can and in the sloppy compost I dropped onto any hole-digging activity must have worked. Oh, and the poking down into the cavity with a bamboo and filling the hole with the water/compost/washing up liquid mix...

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Love the video