Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday 10th September 09

A busy morning, cycled into town... first to put two cheques in from recent gigs, then to the bank to try to work out why there's so little in there. (answer, school shoe shopping!) Then to the station to get tickets for Saturday, when I'm off to Preston for the weekend. Then to the Credit Union to withdraw some money from there, and took that cheque to the bank to help our balance there. Finally, back to the building society to get cash out so we can get by over the weekend.

Came back via Country Fresh and Freshways, another 3 bags of assorted compostables and reusables.. and home for a squishy avocado sandwich. Yum.

Had a good afternoon at home, did some chainsawing and have much less of a pile to do now. But, I have loads of stacking, something I enjoy doing.

Before tea, I walked down to Blockbusters with both boys, as they wanted to rent a computer game for a week... and so they got a Wii game with lots of rabbits, known as Rabbids on this disc.

Gill had made pizza for tea, but the dough hadn't risen much so it was a kind of unleavened bread pizza. The toppings were good though, home grown tomatoes and some wild mushrooms I picked off a verge between here and the University.

Yet more pear peeling and slicing, and a hot evening loading up the drying racks...

Had a quick peek at one of my favourite blogs, 'The Compost Bin' and found this:

Many thanks to Compostwoman, who is based in Herefordshire and is probably equally as keen on compost as I am... but she has chickens too!

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Compostwoman said...

Why thank you, kind sir :-)

I LOVE that video :-)

I use it when I am doing compost assemblies sometimes and it always cracks up the children!

Now have lots of lovely new chicken friends, and some just hatched new chicks! I had to act as Mother Hen...videos up on my blog...

I have a compost workshop happening here during the half term break as we are running Compost Clinics that week in Herefordshire and Worcestershire...

I am doing skilling workshops for TT Ledbury, done a chicken keeping one so far for 15 people and the compost one will be for the same that will be fun!

If you are ever down my way, come and visit :-)