Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thursday 1st May 08

Gill took the boys into school and we were able to have some time together before getting on with stuff around the house... tidying up the back room before my old friend Mark came round for lunch. Was really good to see him, we don't see each other more than two or three times a year but we go back to 1987, as he was my first friend in York and I have clear memories of where and when we met. It was good to catch up with his news over a sandwich.... he's writing a book, a novel loosely based on fact, a kind of adventure book for 8 to 11 year-olds... sounds great!

After he went I had to sort out some seed compost for this afternoon's Green Thumb Gang first meeting, where we are planting some seeds.

Gill went to school first to pick up the boys and I went down 10 mins later to get ready for the gardening club. This met at 3.30 and was a great success, good teamwork, enthusiastic children and lots of seeds planted! Fun was had, learning happened, and I was able to pick up some recently cut softwood logs on the way home....

A quiet and happy evening, although one child adamantly refused to do some homework, so we just let it go and he'll have to deal with it himself.

Wrote a couple of letters in the evening, whilst watching Question Time on telly.

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