Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday 25th May 08

A very relaxed start to the day. It was raining so we didn't need to get up and get going anywhere... and the boys were completely engrossed in their computer game anyway.

After lunch everybody else walked to the Ten-Pin bowling place but I wasn't at all interested so I used their modem and a lead to download emails, do my blog, go on Facebook and chat to Ali and K on Skype. The families came back at about 5 having had a good time.

It was decided that we should have a take-away for tea, and Gill and I offered to pay for it. Ulrich suggested using a local pizza parlour which delivers... and the leaflet had an 'offer' of a pizza for 8 called 'The Beast' plus bottles of coke, garlic bread and a puddings, for £36. Ulrich rang it in and stated a vegetarian Beast, but then asked for extra cheese and pepperoni, thinking that pepperoni was pepper (the vegetable) rather than a meat sausage which he knows as salami ot wurst! So our huge pizza arrived, with slices of peperoni dotted all over, which was a shock, but then Ulrich realised what he had said. The solution was to cut the pizza into slices with the meat, and slices without the meat... and everyone was happy!

So we ate our pizza and garlic bread and I had a perry rather than coke, and had no room for any pudding! Then sat and watched 'The 11th Hour' on Channel 4, with Leonado DiCaprio narrating and a whole pile of folks whom I've either seen before or have heard of but haven't seen, like Paul Stamets, who's big in the world of fungi and has written an excellent book which I've read most of... infact he's written several books and is involved in mycology in quite a number of ways. Some of the mushroom cultures I've used are originally Stametsian strains.. A very moving film, putting the subject over very well.

I went for a short walk after tea to visit nearby allotments, which was pleasent.

Bed before midnight, slept well.

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