Saturday, 17 May 2008

Saturday 17th May 08

A lovely morning... I had a bit of a lie-in til 9 and then a happy family time downstairs, including silly jokes, some bundling (play-wrestling) and NO TEARS! Most enjoyable. I extracted myself from the rough and tumble before it got too rough and went to have a bath, as I've got a gig this afternoon.

Good bath, came out clean enough for a cycle ride out to Sutton on Derwent and a wedding, where I'd been booked to just do the balloon models... and all went very smoothly and easily, including meeting a lovely friendly child who'd met me twice before and was obviously a fan, which was nice. So the session went quickly and I got paid and I cycled off back home, getting in at about 6.

I made tea... a pile of Basmati rice with tumeric and dried red pepper... the stuff which didn't go through the seive when making sweet paprika, and a stir fry of onion, celery, olives, mushrooms and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and red wine, served with a blob of tomato and basil relish given to us by Debbie, who didn't like it.

After tea I had a short time in the garden and before going to the party I'd been invited to, went to do my emails and ended up going on Facebook to answer a couple of composting queries on the group called 'Organic Gardening 101', where I host a topic called 'Any Composting Questions Answered', which I really enjoy doing.

Then to the party... I thought it was Rich's birthday but it wasn't, it was Jenny's housewarming, and there were loads of folks ther that I knew and loads I didn't but got to know. I took my balloons and several people had a go at making models... it added quite a bit of fun to the party.

I had a really good time but left at about half past midnight as I have work on Sunday....

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