Friday, 30 May 2008

Friday 30th May 08

A quite late start after a busy day yesterday. However, needed to take the fraudulently-won wormery back to St Nicks where Catherine our Rotters manager will give it to the proper winners. I went via the bread shop and also took a load of compostables to put in the St Nicks demonstration compost bins.

Home for lunch, everyone getting on fine. Rang Cycle Heaven to see when they can sort out the bike I found at the beginning of April (I think) which as the Police haven't contacted me, is now mine. It needs new gears, but apart from that is OK, I reckon. They will do that next Friday.

Then went to Millers Yard via Sainsburys, picked up a large load of orange halves and coffee grounds and took them to the lottie. Picked up a sack from Country Fresh too, making my load extremely heavy.... up to 100kg. Anyway, it all went on the three working heaps. Then did some weeding, the recent rain has benefitted the weeds more than anything else.

Home to a stressed family, one child has beaten the other up and been restrained and then ran away. Gill was down the garden looking for him, and he eventually turned up in his bedroom... maybe he didn't run away, maybe he just pretended to.

I did a load of washing up so Gill could make tea, and washed some beet and spinach, before doing a bit of work in the garden. Came in for bulgar wheat and home-grown veg, then went out again to dig out the compostumbler.... when I'd done this I came in to watch Gardeners World but needed a shower to wash off the compost which had got on me...

And after GW, went outside again to pull up a huge lot of nettles and brambles from the pond area.... well the area the pond will be in!

A very late night... a chat with K on Skype around midnight and then washing up and at 1 something, watched the second part of Kyle XY on BBC3 I think which Gill and I watched last week and enjoyed.

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