Monday, 26 May 2008

Monday 26th May 08

A lovely relaxing late morning! Boys completely engrossed in their computer games etc and so we grown-ups just chatted, had breakfast together and lounged around.

A late lunch, about 2pm, and soon it was time to get ready to go... we walked down through town with Ulrich and his boys, and got to the station with plenty of time. The train was a bit late but we sat in the waiting room, Ulrich taking photos.

Our train came and the people sitting in our booked seats moved without any bother, and we all sat together around the table and had a relatively pleasant journey home. There was only a little grumpiness and boredom but Gill and I dealt with it well, played 'I spy' and passed the time happily. Got a taxi back home and got in at 8.

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