Thursday, 25 October 2007

Wednesday 24th October 07

Woke feeling very grotty and snotty, wondered if the flu jab yesterday had given me something? Or is it just a coincidence? So had a relatively quiet day with just one appointment at 3, a couple, Angela and Ralph, who'd contacted York Rotters with a query about recycling a feather bed. Angela knew that feathers could be composted, but this duvet/mattress thing was so big that she didn't have the capacity. So her details were passed to me, I rang up and said that I liked a challenge and would take in the huge duvet and get it's contents composted. So they had a tour and I gave them some Jack Edwards Pea Beans and a couple of carrier bags of finished compost as a thank you for the feathers.

At 3.45 there was a 'Street Sports' thing at school which I cycled my eldest lad to, as he enjoys cycling up and down ramps, and he took his skateboard too. The street sports activity is provided by City of York Council every fortnight in the school playground, but as it's half term no-one else turned up. I left him to play and went to do my Martin's pick up of compostables, and then went immediately back down to school, this time having persuaded my youngest son to come with me. So he had an hour of cycling around, and we all came back for 6pm, to enjoy pizza which Gill had been making all afternoon, the dough proving next to the stove.

Tried to do some writing during the evening, as I've another paid blog to do this week, but didn't get much done as was feeling so grotty. But I did reply to a letter in the York Pres by Mike Usherwood (loves planes, hates bikes) suggesting I might be a hipocrite by pointing out the irony of a local airport (Elvington) installing food waste composting. I had written in praising the company for this innovation (Compost Doctor scheme) but just to stir it a bit had mentioned the green and non-green aspects sitting side by side. I am looking forward to seeing my latest letter published as it could help to prolong the debate and inform people about the huge impact that flying has on the atmosphere.

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