Saturday, 27 October 2007

Saturday 27th October 07

A day trip to Durham to meet up with some interesting folks who have unusual lifestyles, so went up to meet them and compare notes.

On the way from the train I met a chatty woman called Heidi, and it turned out that she is going out with our old friend Jim N from the York Arts Centre, so we swapped email addresses and we'll invite them round sometime, as we were both fond of Jim, and I liked Heidi a lot.

We met near the Cathedral in a cafe and chatted for a couple of hours, then went to the Cathedral which was having it's annual 'Open Belfry' day, so some of us paid to go up the tower and had bell ringing explained and demonstrated. Memorable.

When I got home to York I did a pick up from Out Of This World and came home to a happy family who'd had a pleasant day. I had a quick tea, a pasta and parsnip minestrone stew concoction with home-made cheese scones. Then I suggested that the family might want to go down to the Minster as there's some interactive art there, a light sculpture projected onto the West side of the Minster which reacts to sound. I cycled with my 10 year old and Gill went on the bus with the 8 year old who hasn't got lights on his bike. We arrived at the same time and we all enjoyed making lots of noise, along with dozens of other people. It was a most unholy racket, not that appropriate for a religious building, but fun! The light show was fantastic, one of the best I've ever seen.

Spent quite a long time there, til after 8pm, and the cyclist contingent got home much quicker than the bus riders.

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