Thursday, 11 October 2007

Thursday 11th October 07

A good day, no particular stress or things to do. Gill took the one of the boys to school, the other wasn't very well and stayed at home. I did a range of home-based things, washing up and sorting out fruit, and some garden-based things, including rebuilding a logpile outside the front door. I went to the bread shop and the Co-op and then to St Nicks to give them a 'Compost Mate' which Wiggly Wigglers has sent me to replace one they sent last week, which has some of the paint covering missing. This tool is a big screw-threaded thing which is screwed into the compost heap and can lift out and aerate... and I don't need two.

After lunch, went to the Friends Meeting House to help move a filing cabinet for AVP, and to my building society to pay in a cheque, and back via Martin's Country Fresh to pick up a sack of cabbage leaves and onoin skins.

Enjoyed some more outside stuff, hedge cutting, shredding, compost-heap layering.

Wrote to the Press during the evening about the plan to introduce recycling litter bins in the city of York.

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