Friday, 19 October 2007

Thursday 18th October 07

An odd day as when I came downstairs Gill was having problems getting the boys ready and because of their behaviour they did not go to school this morning, and missed a fun morning with a fair-trade event and school play, plus a birds of prey demonstration. We had a visitor in the morning and the boys did their spellings and actually behaved really well whilst this was happening. They went to school in the afternoon.

During the afternoon Gill went to town and I cycled in to get out a cheque to rejoin Garden Organic and pick up compostables, and I got back in time to pick up the boys.

I did some piling of stuff on the current hot heap, and used my 'Compost Mate' screw-thread tool, it's fantastic! Works really well to stir up and aerate the heap. What a pity they're made in Australia not somewhere more local.

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