Friday, 6 July 2012

Wednesday 21st December 11

Nice long lie-in and later, a trip to town to take the wine auction cheque into the building society, and then to David's to give him half the proceeds.  Very generous sharing it 50:50 with me... he supplied the goods, I found the auction house, and organised the transport of it to go to Manchester and took it over on the train.  I think we're a good team!

I also went shopping for a few bits and bobs... didn't find my Trees For Life Diary but did get a 'Nature In The Garden' diary, which might suit one of us. I visited Shared Earth, The National Trust Shop, WH Smith, Waterstones, Anti Gravity, Barnitts and Waitrose.  I got 4 items. I really don't like shopping.

So, came home a bit frustrated, and phoned Trees For Life, to find out they haven't published a diary this year, as their distributor went bust.  There'll be one on 2013.

I did quite a bit of sorting out sweet chestnuts and a pineapple.

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