Friday, 6 July 2012

Sunday 25th December 11

I was having a bit of a lie-in and at 9.30, our youngest came to wake me up to get me to come downstairs so they could open their presents.

We didn't have many presents this year... normally we don't 'do' Christmas that much, although Gill always puts a tree up and a few decorations. We've used the same 1960s artificial tree that belonged to Gill's mother since we met and started living together... apart from this year as I obtained a real tree with roots, very cheaply.  However, back to the presents.  I got 3 pairs of thick socks (excellent present) and a bar of chocolate and a wordy dice game called Alphabet Soup.  The boys got calendars and books.  Gill got a cheque from her sister.  And that was about it.

In the afternoon we all went out in the garden and I did a lot of tidying and composting.  Really enjoyed being outside.

We didn't do any special food... the tomato soup I made last night was much appreciated, and Gill did some potatoes to go with it.

I had a couple of good telephone conversations, including one with my Aunty Lizzie who has managed to move house and is now living close to cousin Bob in Beccles.  

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