Friday, 6 July 2012

Thursday 22nd December 11 Winter Solstice

Well the actual Solstice was at 5.30am but I slept soundly through it, as expected.  I think some of my friends got up early in order to 'be there' and celebrate.  I don't celebrate the Solstice but I recognise it as a turning point in the year, and I'm looking forward to more daylight.

I woke in time to get myself together to have a meeting with Simon from Solar Energy Savings, who rang me yesterday asking me whether I'd considered getting PV panels installed.  I had several conversations with various people at the company, and although I said it would be extremely unlikely that I'd be able to say yes to getting them, I agreed to have the sales person come round.  At the back of my mind was the idea that they might want to come and have a stall at the Energy Event I'm organising in March.

Simon was nice, he saw immediately that I didn't need the technology explaining and we spent over an hour chatting about all sorts of related things, including the reduced Feed In Tariff and how this could be a good thing, and the scheme they have which means that a few 'early adopters' have their house used as a show house and get their initial investment back after 5 years.  This looked an attractive idea... I just wish I had £9k to play with!

In the afternoon, I took a cheque to CVS and then met up with the rest of the family on Petergate to take the children to my dentist, their new dentist, and Gill went for a little wander to see if she could find anything suitable for their Christmas presents.

After this they went home on the bus and I called in to Country Fresh to pick up the compostables.  I had a chat with the shop owner, Richard's brother Martin, and he told me about his sad plans to close the shop, as it wasn't making any money.  His wholesale business is, but it doesn't make financial sense to keep the veg shop going.  I was very sad to hear this as I've REALLY enjoyed my association with this shop, helping them to reduce their waste stream by buying all their unsold fruit and veg at a penny per box and composting it.

I've done very well out of this arrangement, as some of the fruit and vegetables have been usable... for soups and stews, and fruit for drying. In addition, I've been given some groceries at wholesale prices as a thank you for helping with the recycling.  I will miss this relationship enormously.

So I came home, subdued, and got on with assorted housework, did a bit more stacking to get chopped logs into a dry area before tomorrow's forecast rain.

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