Friday, 6 July 2012

Monday 26th December 11

I was stacking logs in the morning when our neighbour Dave came out and asked me not to build a logpile next to the hedge any higher as he didn't want to be looking at it.  He also mentioned the pine tree next to the house, which he'd asked me a few years back to take down as the falling leaves/needles were filling their bay window gutter.

I'd been taking it down bit by bit as I didn't want the ground to swell and cause cracks in our walls.  But today I responded to his comment by getting the ladders and removing all the rest of the branches, just leaving the main trunk, which I'll need help with to take down.  I'll need someone on the end of a rope to pull it in the right direction.

So I did a couple of hours of wooding and processing, and at 3 set off to see one of my friends who's been sectioned and is in Bootham Park Hospital.  However, she wasn't in, and was with friends somewhere.  I left my present of dried fruit for her and cycled through town, via a logpile and home.

Later, I went to Celeste's to see Serena, and spent an hour and a half there, before coming back via the lovely productive logpile again!

Then Gill and I had a game of Scrabble which was really nice!

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