Friday, 6 July 2012

Saturday 24th December 11

Not sure I did anything much in the morning apart from cycling round to the bread shop.   I did a bit of chainsawing in the afternoon, and splitting, and then cycled down to Country Fresh where I picked up some fruit and veg, and a couple of sacks of compostables.  Rich had 3 Christmas trees left, with less than an hour of being open before closing for Christmas, and he offered me one 'for a donation'.  I pondered and asked how much he'd like for one.... and he said 'a couple of quid' so I bought one.

My decision was based on the fact that Gill has apparently lost the feet to the old artificial Xmas tree we use every year, and that the trees Rich had are rooted, in pots.  I carefully bungeed the tree onto my pannier rack and went round to Alligator. 

I picked up there just before they closed, and cycled carefully back with my unusual load.  The family were delighted with my surprise buy.  I left them to decorate it whilst I sorted out the compostables.

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