Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wednesday 20th July 11

Well a very slow start to the day as Danny had said he'd be really happy with a lie-in, til 10 if possible.  I was up at 8.30 despite going to bed much later than him, and I lit the stove as I needed to wash up and dry pineapple.  I made Danny a coffee at 10 and took it into him, he got up and had toast for breakfast.

He got his laptop talking to our WiFi and he had a productive morning, I also spent most of the morning on my computer.

I bought Danny's book, 'The No Nonsense Guide to Climate Change', and if I get time to read it, I'll review it on this blog.

Before he went, I persuaded Gill to read Danny a couple of her poems which it seemed he enjoyed.  Gill then went into town and I looked after the boys, although they made their own lunch which was good.  Danny went between midday and 1pm, and walked into town... was going to the Minster and to have a pudding at El Piano before catching his 3pm bus to Saltburn, which was his next gig.

I had lunch and spent some time sorting stuff in the garden and had a generally  quiet and easy day.

After tea there was a knock at the door and it was Bill Eve and two other Edible York people, to have a tour of the garden.  A third person arrived and I spent an hour chatting about all sorts of bits and bobs, from the failed greywater collector to the problems I've had with squirrels.  I think they enjoyed the visit.

Later I dealt with a large pineapple, slicing it so I can easily dry the slices, but keeping the cubes left after the slicing, to use with fruit salad or on cereals, and putting these in the fridge.

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