Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Monday 4th July 11

I came back from my visit in the morning, arriving back at about 1pm, in time for lunch and sorting out some assorted paperwork. I was glad to have had some space and time to read two complete NewScientists, mainly on the train.

I dealt with some stuff in the garden but didn't do much, but got ready to attend the LETS AGM, although I didn't have a lot of preparation to do as Melody had got it all in hand.

I got to the Seahorse at 7 at the same time as Melody.  We'd ordered a buffet, but as the management of the hotel are seemingly changing on an almost daily basis, and the current bar person was only on her third day, there was no buffet.  So Melody popped to the corner shop and bought a handful of snack-type things which would have to suffice for the buffet... a large pack of 'onion-ring' crisps, some olives, Bombay mix, and some muffins. The AGM was fairly poorly attended, although great to see Geoff and two new members Carol and Andrew.  All four core group members were there, and later, Melanie arrived.  Melody got us through the AGM with humour and efficiency.  We had the snacks.

I stopped by the Edible York Barbican bed on the way home and did some weeding and picked some peas and courgettes.

When I got in I tried to work out how I'm going to get to my gig in the morning, over to Leeds but then a bus or a taxi to Old Farnley?

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