Sunday, 24 July 2011

Saturday 23rd July 11,

A really good day until I heard the news after work.

When I woke up I realised I had a sixth wasp sting, on my right arm, which I hadn't noticed yesterday.  Today it is red, swollen and itchy like the other 5.

I set off for town at 11.45 as I was working for David at midday.  We'd planned to go to Rowntree Park as I thought that the 90th birthday celebrations were going on today... however, that was last week.  But we went anyway.

On the way there, at the Arts Barge, we met David and Claire Kennard, and chatted with them, and David Bellis and Barry Male, and had a quick hello with them too.

At the park we wandered round the assorted fitness and activity stalls.  Pushing the wheelchair on grass is a great fitness activity, for me at least!  We visited the bandstand end and then made our way back, spotting June Tranmer pushing imaginary things around, Tai Chi style.

We had lunch in the cafe... David bought a sandwich and I had a selection from home.  Then on to the Millennium Bridge where we watched canoe racing.

Up into town along New Walk and Blue Bridge, and a stop off at City Screen.  Here we met Richard Shiels, then Scilla and David's friend Elizabeth, then we were joined by someone else... but David wanted to go.  We walked on to Museum Gardens where  my lovely friend Jenny Borrett said hi, so we chatted with her.

Then back to David's house, where I left at 5pm.

When I got in, I made a nutloaf, and prepared water for a bath, as work tomorrow.  When Gill and the boys came in, they loved the nutloaf.  I had a bath and hair wash after midnight.

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