Friday, 8 July 2011

Thursday 7th July 11

Well a generally relaxed day, culminating in a fabulous gig in a youth club.

I got up slowly and gently and didn't need to do much during the morning, apart from reading and some computery stuff.

Gill went out with our eldest to Leeds to meet a friend who home-schools her son.

I dealt with the corn on the cobs and made a nutloaf so Gill didn't have to cook when she came in at 4pm.

At 3 I set out for school, with our youngest's bike on the trailer.  When he emerged, we cycled into town so I could collect my Fiddlesticks boots, which I have had re-soled for £12.99.

We cycled back and got in at about 4pm, Gill came in soon after. She's vowed never to go to the Royal Armouries ever again.  In fact, she said she'd never go to Leeds again!

At about 5.30 I loaded my bike with all my circus workshop gubbins, including 3 unicycles, two four-wheel unicycles and one two-wheeler.  I cycled up to Haxby to Oaken Grove Community Centre for a 2 hour gig with a youth club, 30 or so 9 to 16 year olds.  I did my show first, was quite tough as they were excited, noisy and cheeky.  Everything went well apart from when the largest chap in the group was trying the four wheel unicycle and one of the axles broke.  Very unfortunate, but quite funny.

This was followed by a 45 minute workshop, which was good... especially when several youngsters 'got' 3-ball juggling.  I love it when I show someone how to juggle and suddenly, they are a juggler!

It all finished at 8.30 and I cycled home, had a slice of nutloaf, and finished my evening's writing at 2am.

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