Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Monday 11th July 11

Today I had agreed to go into the Steiner School for 11am and take part in 'work week' where parents do a day's work helping to clean and decorate the school.  I'd agreed to help move furniture out of the office so that the carpet could be removed and replaced.

So I got up fairly early and at about 9.45 went to get assorted stuff from the garden to enable me to take the old compost heap apart... and riddle the sticks and uncomposted stuff out of the stuff out of the usable material.

I got to school at about 10.30, via Country Fresh who let me have 2 bags of goodies to help the school heap work nicely!

I let Gillian in the school office know that I was available to help move furniture when she wanted me to, and got on with sorting one side of the New Zealand bin which has been filled up with lots of assorted stuff, including whole branches, over the past maybe 3 years.  There were lots of ants in it, but I just got on with riddling the nice stuff out and putting the sticks and unrotted moss in the new heap.  There were also loads of stones and a bit of rubbish too, some glass, plastic ties, etc.

I worked til 1pm and then went to the office to say that I was going to get lunch, and was told that there was a bit of lunch provided.  I was pleased with this! I chatted to Jonathan and Hannah the Gym teacher, who wants to start a circus skills class after school next year.  I had a chat with her about purchasing equipment.

After lunch Gillian asked me to move one thing in the office, and if I might come back tomorrow to finish the job.  As I have loads more compost riddling to do, I agreed... and anyway, parents agree to do one day's work to help the school during work week, and I'd only done half a day so far.

I tidied up my composting stuff and cycled home.

At 4.30 I got ready to go to work; David was expecting me at 5pm.  He asked me to do 2 jobs in the cellar, replacing the old lightbulb and removing stuff from around the back of the metal beam which is holding the house up, and has some moisture around one end.  The structural engineer who looked at this said that removing any loose material from around the beam would help the moisture evaporate.

There was a part-case of very old Port down there, and David said I could have a bottle.  It was a bottle of 1962 port, bottled 1966.  He thinks it will be undrinkable.  I wonder if I should try to find out, or whether it would be better to sell it?  Ebay doesn't allow alcohol sales, so I wonder how I could get this to a buyer?

We then went for a coffee at City Screen and shared our stories from the past week.

I finished working for him at 7pm and went to the Seahorse for a York in Transition Cosy Homes meeting; I didn't take notes or chair, which was really nice!

Home for about 10pm, did a pile of washing up.

I wrote my blog but then the internet went down and so I copied it and saved it in an email to myself, and got to bed at about 2am.

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