Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tuesday 12th July 11

Quite a good day, got up early as was due into the Steiner School to move furniture at 10am.  I took in my composting stuff as I wanted to continue to sort out the New Zealand bins. 

When I got there Gillian was nowhere to be found but I spoke to a couple of people and asked them to pass my message on that I was available to move desks etc out of the office.  I went to get on with the composting.  A bit later, Gillian came to see me, and told me that the carpet people had said that the desks could stay in the office.  So I just continued doing the compost bin.

There were a trio of small boys playing in the front of the school, and I asked them if they'd be able to help me.  I asked them if they could build the brick walls of the finished compost area, and they happily went to get the bricks I showed them, and had great fun finding huge spiders, and carried up to 6 bricks at a time to the enclosure I'd started to make, and they got it to be 4 bricks high.

I worked til after midday, and got a big pile of the most wonderful finished compost, plus materials for the new heap, a good layer of sticks (chopped up with my secateurs) and uncomposted moss and other bits and bobs.  When I'd done enough riddling I chopped up a sack full of fresh fruit and veg materials I'd brought with me, and spread that on top, and on top of this, another layer of the vegetation which had been used to decorate the place last week.

But I wanted to come home for lunch, so I left and popped in to Alligator to pick up their resources.

Gill had taken the boys to Scarborough for the day, on the train, so I had a couple of quiet hours over lunch to catch up with emails and other messages.  I found out that the bottle of Port from David might be worth £100, and that there's an auction site which would sell it for me.  I rang David and told him, and he agreed that I could sell all of his Port via this Manchester-based auction house, and he'd split the money with me!  Exciting!

I lit the stove and did assorted washing up, and made myself some tea.... a tiny throw-away squash, half a huge onion and some cooked rice which had been in the fridge for quite a long time.  Fried this all up on the woodstove.  It was passable.

Then soon after 6 I emptied my trailer and cycled off to Tang Hall Library for the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel.  I'd not put a change of start time into my diary and the meeting had started at 6, so I was late.  But glad I went, as one of the new Councillors was there, Neil Barnes.  We had some interesting applications to look through, and we didn't finish til after 7.30.

I did a little bit more work in the garden after I got in, just an hour til 9pm, when I came in and had a fairly 'normal' evening for me!

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