Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tuesday 24th May 11

Woke fairly late and didn't get gong very quickly. However, did do a load of washing up and sorted out the big pile of dried fruit which has built up.  I need to do a 'red pepper paprika' make soon, as I've got several jars full of dried sweet red pepper slices, which I'll render into dust in the liquidiser and knock through a fine sieve, the bigger lumps are good for stews and the powder is lovely for soup.

I jarred up 2 big jars of apples and one of pineapple.  I chopped up 3 pineapples out of 8 which were thrown away and came my way.  I peeled some banana and orange leather off it's plastic bag backing in a baking tray and made a load of little balls out of this, as it's very sticky and I think it'll dry better in spheres. They are now drying on a plate on the drying rack.

Later I potted up two tomato plants, ones from Country Fresh, and put them into their final large planters.  I also potted up the cucumber plant, and some climbing beans.  I did a little bit of composting work, and earthed up the potatoes..

Gill wasn't feeling brilliant so I went to the Co-op for her and got some bits and pieces. Later in the evening I liquidised some bananas and added them to the remaining reduced orange juice and put the resultant slop to dry.

So a fairly non-eventful day.

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