Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Monday 9th May 11

Up fairly early and started with assorted admin/paperwork/phoning type activities.

But before lunch, Gillian from around the corner came round and asked if I still wanted the pile of bricks that she and Tony, her husband who died a few weeks back, had accumulated and stored.  Well yes, I did, as I want to make a raised bed at the bottom part of the garden, but don't want the soil to touch the fence it'll be up against.  So I need a low wall up against the fence, not touching it, to allow an air gap, but close enough to allow crops to grow up the fence whilst their roots are in the nice soil I'll fill the bed with.

So I collected nearly 300 bricks in I don't know how many wheelbarrow trips.  I also spent some time with Gillian, whom I'm very fond of... she needed to talk about Tony and share her feelings of loss.  They'd been married for 47 years.

So I came in for a late lunch at about 2pm and did some more computery stuff, and then some wood management out the front.  However, it started to rain, and then thunder, and then hail, so I came in.  I needed to go to my GP too, at 5.30, so I went as soon as the weather would allow and got there on the dot of 5.30.  My leg still hurts after breaking my ankle last year and my scalp eczema doesn't get cleared up by the cream I've been prescribed, so I'm getting an eczema removal liquid, and was given a form for an X-ray to see if my ankle has healed properly.

I went from here to Sainsburys to get Marmite, and then on to David's to do my two hours of care work.  He asked to be taken to Waitrose, which he hadn't been to, so I pushed him all the way there and around it several times, and he found a few things he wanted. We came back a different way, via the Peaseholm Green Edible York raised beds... and I spotted some bindweed, which will need to be removed or it will take over.

I did a bit of DIY back at David's, putting up a battery-powered LED picture light, using Gill's rechargeable drill. It wasn't the easiest of jobs.

I prepared his evening meal and got away soon after 8.

Mark Windmill, my gardener friend, had kindly delivered a load of Ash logs from a project he'd been working on.  I tidied some of them up before having my tea.  A quiet evening and not too late to bed....

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