Monday, 9 May 2011

Sunday 8th May 11

Got up reasonably early, despite going to bed at 4am or about that.  And a good day, sorting out the pile of wood at the front of the house mainly, but I also visited Country Fresh and collected a god big job-lot of compostables, plus some groceries.

At 5.30 I headed down to town for my care work with David, and he'd been invited to meet Geoff at The Habit, so I took him there and we chatted and drank coffee, and chatted with a chap from the Green Chemistry department at the University.   We didn't stay long and went past the Minster back to Stonegate, where we chatted with Trevor Rooney and another chap whom I met with a bunch of political activists on our drive, who also greeted David warmly.  However, neither of us could remember his name...

When we got back to David's, he wanted to have another go with his wheeled walking frame, and we did a 'round the block' walk.  Then I put his evening meal together and did a bit of sorting stuff out, and got away for 8pm.

Later, I got a message from Hann, who wanted to have a break from the goings-on in the shared house, so I agreed to meet between our houses and we both came back here, and had an hour's animated conversation whilst I prepared red pepper for drying.  We walked back together after midnight and I then cycled home, head full of new concepts and ideas.  Good stuff!

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