Sunday, 8 May 2011

Saturday 7th May 11

A slow day, had several visitors though, Loony's mother and a friend, delivering a sofa and two chairs, and her ex partner and 3 year old daughter, who stayed when he went, and then her father and his partner, and a friend/home helper person, Gemma I think... but no-one else came to her housewarming, but glad some did!  I did do quite a bit of balloon modelling, Gemma was good and Loony and her little daughter had a go too.

I got the bus into Bristol at 6 and my train left on time at 8.30, got into Birmingham at 10ish, I left there at 10.30 and got into Manchester Piccadilly after midnight, and then walked in the rain across the City centre to Victoria, where I had a good hour's devilsticking before the 1.55am train left for York.  Got into York at 3.30, home and soaking wet at 4, amazed at all the lovely birthday greetings that came through facebook (and a few on email) and didn't get to bed until nearly 5.

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