Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday 29th April 11

I got up at 9 and spent an hour making up my muesli, mainly cracking hazelnuts and extracting the now slightly shrivelled kernels.  However, they're still good for my muesli.  Gill was watching the run-up to the wedding on the telly but I didn't want to watch it so I went outside and split a few logs, did a bit of stacking, some compost riddling, digging out, and weeding too.  I had a lovely morning in the sunshine.

I came in at 1pm and watched some post-ceremony telly... Gill still entranced.  I saw the highlights on the news (which is all anyone needed to see really!) and then had a short time out in the garden before 3, when I got cleaned up and ready to cycle to City Screen to meet David and one of his other PAs Pauline, who had collected him to go and see The King's Speech... and David had got me a ticket too.  This was partly because Pauline had to go at 5, and therefore I had to take David home afterwards.

I really enjoyed the film, one of the best I've seen for a while.  David enjoyed it too, and lasted til the end, when we went for a coffee, and then a short circular walk along Coney Street, Ouse Bridge, North Street, Wellington Row, Lendal Bridge and back to David's house off Stonegate.

His tea didn't need any preparation, so I left at 7.30, half an hour earlier than planned... but I was happy with this and came home swiftly and Gill gave me some pasta and flatbread.

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