Sunday, 10 April 2011

Saturday 9th April 11

A really good day, seemed to get a lot done...

First of all I got a letter from Chloe who chairs Edible York, with a cheque for the 45 sacks of compost I supplied to the Peaseholm Green raised bed and the top-up for the Barbican bed.  This was a great start to the day!

Then at 10, well, just before 10, I bombed down to the Discus Bungalows area to meet with my York Green Party buddies for the Press launch of our election campaign, a photo opportunity and interview with Len Tingle from the BBC.  He interviewed Liz Barclay, who's not a candidate... almost all the people there were, and due to the forthcoming election and media rules, none of us could be interviewed. Anyway, we squinted into the bright sunshine, and the results will be on the York Green Party website soon, I think.

I then cycled on to Country Fresh for fruit and veg, up to Sainsburys to get the mayonnaise I like, and a kilo box of branflakes, and home.

Then I cycled up to B+Q to take advantage of their 20% off deal today... I was going to buy a chainsaw this weekend, but then saw the advert for 20% off if you spent £100... so yes, I went for it. I got a Workx electric chainsaw and a litre of lube oil.  This came to just under £108, so I paid £87, which I think was a good deal.  Then I came home, and chatted to a nice builder chap called Kev, from Malton, who was filling his little lorry with logs.  He had taken down a large tree in the back garden of a house which is to be renovated, and he gave me a few logs and offered me as much shredded tree as I could take away.  When I got home, I got on with filling the 9 sacks of compost I still have to take to St Clements. 

Later, I took another 4 sacks of best riddled down there, so just one more load to take. 

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