Friday, 8 April 2011

Thursday 7th April 11, visit to Fagley Youth and Community Centre, Bradford.

Up far too early for my liking, but because of a visit to see a new growing project in Bradford. 

Some time ago I met Peter Tatham at the Northern Green Gathering AGM and last week he told me he'd landed a new job setting up a growing project, to help people understand where their food comes from, and to supply some fresh, healthy fruit and veggies.  He wanted to pick my brains about composting and about the direction of the project generally.  So I agreed that if he paid my train fare, I'd go over and see the site.

I got the 08.40 and got into Leeds just after 9, with some of the WNBR Risk Assessment written, Peter met me near where his van was at the back of the station, and drove to Bradford, to the Fagley Youth and Community Centre.  An area of ground had been leveled and fenced, two polytunnels put up.  Peter had collected 10 sturdy pallets and some other materials, which we moved into the garden compound.  We didn't have wire or secateurs, so went for an explore down the Killinghall Road, and found a DIY wholesalers which sold both those plus some wire netting and other bits.  I asked for some cardboard and they were able to supply several flattened boxes for us.

We spent quite a long time doing the first compost bin, but after lunch, we did the second really quickly.  We lined the pallets with wire netting and I think they'll make good compost bins.

After several hours working here, Peter showed me his other place of work, and a pile of soil-like material from Yorkshire Water, and then the new piece of land given to this project.  And then he delivered me to Leeds Station again... there was a train waiting and I got to York quickly, chatting to a Boots pharmacist.

And a goodly zoom home via Country Fresh, and glad to see the family.  Nice simple rice tea.  Online research about chainsaws.  Phone call with one of David's carers, confirming dates for the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully not too late a bed-time....

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