Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Monday 25th April 11

I slept in late and woke after 10, and realised that I'd agreed to go to Debbie's at 10 to deliver Green Party leaflets with her.  So I rang her and apologised, and quickly had breakfast and got dressed and round to Deb's.  We walked down to Heslington Road and did the delivery... then Debbie went on to see a family member and I walked home.

Lunch, and then outside to the garden.  I did quite a bit.... dug out the air-raid-shelter compost bin (made from two sheets of corrugated iron, both in a j shape) and filled 3 daleks with the contents, which was semi-finished and this is it's first proper turning.  I cut a hedge, with shears, and shredded the results, with my electric shredder.  I did a bit of riddling too.  I failed to finish the raised-bed work.

I had a use-it-up meal... the last chunk of Gill's pie, plus a bit of leftover noodle and veg mix.  Lovely!

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